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Ronnie Ray and his loyal dog Bgawk run the 2.62 mile Pawnee City Marathon. 

In celebration of the London Olympic Games The Pawnee City Marathon Organizing Committee staged the First Annual Pawnee City Marathon. The 2.62 mile event route was from one city limit to the other and was planned in such a way as to not disrupt community traffic.

(c) Photo courtesy of the Pawnee City Marathon Organizing Committee showing Ronnie Ray taking a break at the mid-point of the race.

The only participants in this prestigious activity were Ronnie Ray and his loyal, but somewhat dim dog, Bgawk.  Both Ronnie Ray and Bgawk lined up at the starting line and when the 7:00 am Fire Siren blared they began the grueling race.

Ronnie Ray followed the route as planned but Bgawk ran willy-nilly throughout the town scaring old ladies and tearing up gardens before arriving at the finish line well ahead of Ronnie Ray. During the race Bgawk ran through Niders and knocked down shelves and otherwise disrupted the normal activities of the “city.”

The organizing committee was not sure if they were allowed to give the First Place Wood “Medal” to Bgawk so they gave it to Ronnie Ray to use as he sees fit.

There was a picnic planned after the conclusion of the race but nobody came because Bgawk was so excited about winning that he continued his rant through the “city” and everybody in town stayed inside with their doors locked.

Once again the volunteer fire department was deployed to catch the dog, but with no luck. Ronnie Ray waited until dark and found Bgawk near the old city dump and took him home after a triumphant day.

Ronnie Ray and his loyal dog Bgawk.

Just a side note: the barn with the nuclear symbol on it is where Ronnie Ray parks his truck that was used for many years for hauling waste material from the uranium mine fields. That barn is where Bgawk was born. Bgawk is of a rare breed known as a Speckled Redneck.


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